1965 Pontiac Parisienne

The Parisienne is model unique to Canada.  Canadian Pontiacs of the 60s all use Chevrolet chassis and running gear. They typically came with the 283 or 327 engine and 2 speed Powerglide automatic transmission.  U.S. made Pontiacs have a larger chassis and use Pontiac engines like the 389 and 421. The Canadian Parisenne and U.S. Bonneville have similar styling and appearance, however, the U.S. model is larger and does not use the Chevrolet running gear.


This 1965 Parisienne convertible has a 1968 300 HP 350 Chevrolet engine, dual exhaust, TH350 3 speed automatic and heavy duty12 bolt rear axle.


We purchased this car in 1995 as a second car.  In 1999 it was used in the Vancouver filming of the John Denver Story.  They wanted a convertible with a very good interior and well-used looking exterior for the scenes set in 1967.  As a result, the made for TV movie has several scenes with this car in it.

Jim Carpenter